Sunday, July 26, 2015

Annunaki Levitation Lessons on Summerian Tablets

The #Annunaki taught humans the secrets of #levitation(#antigravity). You can see this Annunaki #giant in this famous #Sumerian #cylinderscroll that has been analyzed dozens of times by scholars, but the #secret eludes them. You need 4 things to reverse the magnetic polarity in an object.
1. #Magnetic field generator. The Annunaki king is sitting on that device. Notice the Lions on the box facing opposite each other. That represents the opposing

2. #FieldAmplifier. That's the technology device in the Annunaki kings hand. He uses that to control and modulate the magnetic field.

3. #Cymatic frequency generator. The #cymatics are the most important. You must place the cymatic frequency directly on top of the object that you want to levitate. You can generate a cymatic frequency using a home stereo speaker and amp. Research cymatics in your free time.

4. A loud #whistle. Notice the 2 men #whistling behind the man lifting the stone table with 1 hand. The whistling tone interacts with the magnetic field and the cymatic frequency and the atoms in the stone table reverse polarity greatly reducing the tables gravitational field.

The #CoralCastle in #Miami Florida. 

It was built in modern times by a 4 foot 11 inch tall man named#Edward Leedskalnin. He claimed to have rediscovered the secrets of ancient#Egyptian stone building and Stone levitation. He worked alone and could often be heard whistling. Edward used a very similar device as shown above in this post. All matter in the #3rdDimension can be completely manipulated because matter is only a #frequency condensed into a slower #vibration. Everything is vibration, sound and frequency emanating from electromagnetic waves. (In the beginning was the Word = Frequency and vibration) 



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