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Technology of the Ancients.

    The Secret of the Megaliths – The Soft and Lite Technology of the Ancients.
    One of the most enigmatic puzzles of the ancient world is, "How did they build the large and complex stone structures we find all over the world?" Not only were the Ancients able to quarry and move these gigantic stones, they could apparently carve and shape them quite easily, with a precision and accuracy far superior to anything we can achieve with all our modern methods. Frankly, I doubt we could duplicate these structures today.
    So how was it done?

    There are many theories out there. Levitation/Tractor Beams, Anti-Gravity, Lasers, Sound Levitation, Floating Wooden Barges, Megalithic Stone Cement, Stone Softening Plant Extracts, Huge Ramps, Thousands of Men, Diamond Saws, Psychic Manifestations, Aliens, Etc… The list goes on and on…

    Well, to that long list let me add my theory.
    They used Soft and Lite Technology…
    Ancients had a better understanding of the true nature of physical reality than we do today.
    There is a legend among the Incan people of the Viracocha (The Ancients Ones) having a golden flute that could make stone, ‘Soft as Clay, Lite as Cork’. In Ed Leedskalnin’s (of Coral Castle fame) little booklet ‘Magnetic Current’ Ed/L states that all matter is made up of north and south pole magnetic particles (magnetic dust), and that it is these magnetic particles that holds matter together (creates density or hardness) and pulls matter to the earth (creates weight or gravity). Remove some of these magnetic particles and matter becomes less dense (softer) and less heavy (lighter). Ed/L believed that protons, neutrons and electrons are actually aggregate structures and that these magnetic dust particles are like the soap film on soap bubbles (vacuum or kundalini pressure bubbles). There is plenty of evidents that Ed/L used simple means to move the stones at Coral Castle, but there is no clear indication on how they were carved. 'Soft as clay, Lite as cork'.

    Quasars, Redshifts and the Work of Halton Arp...

    Quasars (aka baby galaxies) are large objects in space that have been observed coming out of the centers of parent galaxies which have unusually high redshifts (two orders of magnitude higher than their parent galaxies). According to Hubble’s Law, a redshift is supposed to indicate the speed and distance of an object relative to us here on Earth. Quasars break Hubble’s Law!
    In his Intrinsic Redshift Lecture, Halton Arp explains the process of the ejected quasar particles 'gaining mass' as they 'communicate with the rest of the universe'.
    As I listened to Arp’s lecture, I was reminded of the north/south magnetic particles (magnetic dust) that Ed Leekskalnin (of Coral Castle) describes in his 'Magnetic Current' book.
    Magnetic Current – Ed Leedskalnin (the illustrated version)…/Magnetic-Current_Edward-Leedska…
    How all matter is made up of these magnetic particles (like the skin on soap bubbles), and how these magnetic particles cause matter to pull to the ground (i.e. exhibit gravity) and pull together (i.e. exhibit adhesion or hardness).
    Basically, how they give matter its mass...
    I believe the Ancients (and Ed/L) found a simple way to reverse the 'gaining mass' process which Halton Arp describes in his quasar/galaxy model.
    One night back in 1990, I experimented with a caduceus coil (the double snake of the medical symbol). I had read about it in a book called ‘The Awesome Life Force’ by Joseph H. Cater and decided to build a quick test version. I ran the device with a standard 9 volt battery. The device gave off no light and I only ran the thing for about 10 minutes, yet it magnetized all the metal tools on my table and gave me a sunburn from the neck up. How could that happen?
    I eventually discovered that the key was in the bucking magnetic fields created by the caduceus coil. The bucking magnetic fields created magnetic bubbles, like milk in a blender, which came frothing out from the coil and magnetized the tools and sunburned my face (on a side note, my acne cleared up for weeks).
    I believe that is how the Ancients removed the magnetic dust from the stone, by using bucking magnetic fields combined with the sound/tone from the flutes they created a magnetic vibration that could literally pull the magnetic dust out of the stone like a dry sponge wicks up water off a counter top – making the stone ‘Soft as Clay, Lite as Cork’.
    A magnetic tone (vibration) that removes the mass (magnetic dust) from matter (very much like the energy (momentum) that travels through those steel balls in a Newton's Cradle, and causes the steel ball(s) on the ends to fly off).
    The Ancient's understanding of Soft and Lite Technology made their work easy.
    Remove the magnetic dust (like Ed did at Coral Castle) and the stone becomes, 'soft as clay, lite as cork'. I believe the key is in the golden flutes of the Viracocha, where one flute removes the magnetic dust – making the stone ‘soft and lite’ (the flute in the left hand, with the two bird heads on the forked end – the source of the bucking magnetic fields) and the other flute restores the magnetic dust – bringing the stone back to its ambient or normal state (the flute in the right hand)...
    “Soft as Clay, Lite as Cork”
    "If you want to understand the Lost Technology of Ancient Egypt, study
    (Electrical) Storms, Soap Bubbles and Solitons." - Cashus the Giant
  • Don Best Super interesting perspective
  • Carmen Miller The key is in the bucking coils... My father said this also! Google Bill Muller

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