Friday, November 7, 2014

Tesla and Radiant Energy

Tesla's patent includes improvements and concepts in materials science, solar cells, condensers from sources such as radiant energy from the sun, or other artificial sources, of varying wavelengths, UV, cathodic, roentgen rays, absorption and emission of electricity by metals, and use of the wavelengths such as visible light, UV and IR, from insulated, elevated plates or spheres. 

Condensers also known as stacked, multi-layer solar cells that use mica and silver as the condenser or capacitor Di-electric and even electrolytic condensers that use aluminum. Considering this, Tesla's concept of layered materials of varying wavelengths and uses of phosphorescence, very well could have led to light emitting diodes or, LED. LED as of November 3rd 2014, keep improving in efficiency and quality. 


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