Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free Electricity

 Remarkable 30kw Generator Could Eliminate Your Electric Utility Bill & Provide Total "Energy Independence"

Dennis Lee with
the Hummingbird/Sundance Generator

Robert Adams
Pulsed Electric Motor Generator Howard R. Johnson’s 1979 patent (#4151431) of a permanent magnet motor. There is also an article written by Jorma Hyypia which appears in the Spring 1980 edition of Science & Mechanics Magazine which describes the Johnson motor. Perhaps you can find a copy of the magazine in your local library. Howard R. Johnson 1995 patent (#5402021) of a permanent magnet motor. Gabriel Lorente’s 1991 patent (#4990813) of an electrostatic generator. Edwin V. Gray’s 1973 patent (#3890548) of a electromagnetic association (EMA) motor.

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