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More about Tesla and Energy

Selection by Liliana Usvat

Twenty First Century Books

'Energy-sucking' Radio Antennas,
N. Tesla's Power Receiver

Ears as antisound-emitters

Whenever any type of "small" receiver seems to be generating an AC field around itself spontaneously, perhaps we should suspect that the receiver is employing the above concepts; that it is actively generating an "anti-signal," and as a result is receiving more wave energy than it's physical size would suggest. THIS MIGHT APPLY TO ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS!

If we illuminate a tiny resonant chamber with long-wave sound of the right frequency, standing waves will build up within the chamber, and it will become an emitter.

 If there is an acoustic analogy for the above antenna physics, the resonant chamber should "bend" the incoming sound towards itself. When the emitted sound superposes with the 3D incoming waves, the wavefronts of incoming sound will be distorted so they they impact on the resonator and thereby increase the area of its "virtual intake orifice". In EM physics this is well known, it's just the Effective Aperture concept.


There is also an induced ground-hugging surface-wave component known as the Norton surface wave.  This wave is the result of electrical currents induced in the ground by refraction of a portion of the reflected-wave component at the earth-atmosphere interface.  Upon reflection from the Earth's surface the reflected wave undergoes a 180deg phase reversal.  

When both transmitting and receiving antennas are on, or close to, the ground, and the distance between them becomes great, the direct and reflected components tend to cancel out, and the resulting field intensity is principally that of this surface wave.  Because part of its energy is absorbed by the ground, the electrical intensity of the surface wave is attenuated at a much greater rate than inversely as the distance.  It is the conductivity of the underlying terrain that determines the attenuation of the surface-wave field intensity as a function of distance.  

The ground currents of a vertically polarized surface wave do not short-circuit a given electric field but rather serve to restore part of the used energy to the following field.  The better the conducting surface layer, the more energy returned and the less energy absorbed.

In operation, the Tesla launching structure induces an electrical current in the earth between the transmitting and receiving stations, along with an associated surface wave, that propagate the transmitted energy. 

 A conducting path is also establish through the rarified upper level atmosphere between the transmitting and receiving stations elevated high voltage terminals, leading Tesla to coin the term "disturbed charge of ground and air method."  He stated that this method involves electrical conduction and that energy escapes from the system in the form of electromagnetic radiation.  

The conducting media are the earth and the atmosphere above 5 miles elevation.  While the region from 5 miles up to the ionosphere is not an ohmic conductor, the density or pressure is sufficiently reduced to so that, according to Tesla's theory, the atmosphere's insulating properties can be easily impaired allowing an electric current to flow.  His theory further suggests that the conducting region is developed through the process of atmospheric ionization, shifting the effected portions thereof to a plasma state. 

 A magnetic field is developed by each plant's helical resonator, meaning that an embedded magnetic field is also involved.  The atmosphere below 5 miles is also viewed as a propagating medium for a portion of the above ground circuit, and being an insulating medium, electrostatic induction or 'displacement current' would be involved rather than true electrical conduction.  

Tesla felt that with a sufficiently high electrical potential on the elevated terminal the practical limitation imposed upon its height could be overcome. 

 He anticipated that a highly energetic transmitter would charge the elevated terminal to the point where the atmosphere around and above it would break down and become ionized, leading to a flow of true conduction currents between the two terminals through the troposphere path connection.

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