Thursday, September 12, 2019


1.Why things are organized the way they are and not different.?

2. Why have 8 million s peoples crowded together in New York on an island so small that they were forced to built skyscrapers in order to save space. America is vast thousand of acres of land are inhabited. Why 8 millions of people insisted on settling in Manhattan? Hundreds of thousands of people never see a tree or  field, shops are overcrowded,  air is polluted,  apartments are small and poorly furnished and expensive.

3. Why have all social programs of political parties failed?

4. If desire peace why is there always another murderous war against the will.and vital interest of the global population?

5.if nature has established sexual maturation during puberty why is lo e forbidden at that age?

6. Why is it too hard for the truth to assert itself against lies and defamation? Why is not the other way around that lies have to assert themselves against the truth?

7.Why are children so cruelly treated?

8. Why does the man hate every new correct thought?

9. How is it possible that millions of industrious peoples can be oppressed by a handful of rulers.

10. Why do people always discuss unessential and never essential matters in the United Nations?

11. Why is there a vote for some functionary in every corner of the world? Why is there no vote for peace or war an issue that concerns the lives of millions.


“Ether, God and Devil Cosmic Superimposition” by Wilhelm Reich

Thursday, September 5, 2019

DNA Damaged by 5G Network of Cell phones

Worse that Microwave frequency
5G Used for
A frequency of impair the oxygen absorption in our body
EMF Weaponry
Impairment of cognitive functions
Is used by the military for Crowd Control

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Science Behind Orgone and Gray Clowds

Orgone is omnipresent. It’s ether, life force, prana, ch’i, etc., and makes up the energy and matter potential in all of creation. In its balanced state it promotes life, growth, equilibrium, but in its unbalanced state (deadly orgone is overactive orgone, dead orgone is, well, DEAD) it has exactly the opposite effect. 

When you see smog, you’re seeing dead orgone in which particulate matter is suspended, sort of like a colloid. Very strong wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, cloud cover which yields no rain, drought, are all manifestations of harmful orgone.

In order for any parasitic activity to take place, an energy field needs to first be developed. Parasites do that in the body by excreting acids into their immediate environment. Infections, chronic pain, and a host of symptoms are manifestations of the activity of these parasites. 

Healthy orgone results when the polarity of the parasites’ environment is reversed from positive (acidic) to negative (slightly alkaline) by the introduction of weak electric current through the skin. 

In the atmosphere, agents of the present day order create massive fields of unbalanced orgone energy by introducing very powerful, specific frequencies of radio waves, spraying large volumes of acidic petrochemicals above the clouds, and by other, less believable means.


Orgone Energy Non Electromagnetic Force a Life force which Permeates all Nature

Orgone Energy is non electromagnetic force a life force which permeates all nature and in some way is closely associated with orgiastic potency.
If one can directly perceive energy of orgiastic potency by some direct or clairvoyant means it is of the colour blue.

The orgiastic potency is composed of radiating bions which Teich stated and later demonstrated can be transferred to objects and other human bodies fir therapeutic cathartic purposes.

Orgone derived from organism and or orgasm or both and stipulated that was an energy that normally travelled through the body in a specific  current,  but could be blocked up and result in a  number of undesirables phenomena .

Orgone energy according to Wilhelm Reich has three main characteristics: visual observations,  thermal measurements and spectroscopic effect.

The existence of orgone energy was to Reich a good thing if could be collected and intensified. So he built an apparatus that would collect and contain it.

As described in Fury of Earth metal reflected the energy and organic materials absorbed it.

Health benefit 

Organism suffused with bio orgone energy were highly disease resistant
Organisms weakly suffused could be brought back into a more healthy state by being subject to accumulated infusion of the orgone energy.

Wilhelm Reich described in the book Fury of Earth p 277 that metal reflected the energy and organic material absorbed it. 

Reich designed a box like collector that had metal walls on the inside backed with organic materials on the outside.

One panel of the collector had a porthole through which the presumed energy could be seen from the outside by researchers and witnesses. As originally intended the collector was designed to study the bionic radiation. 

With this collector which intensifies energy it was possible to observe two kind of lights or luminescent phenomena of moving vapours, and sharper yellowish points and lines that flickered.
Reich began experimenting with different kind of accumulators and found that energy seemed to accumulate in any old container.

He concluded that the energy was everywhere and came from atmosphere.

Between 1940-1948 Reich turned his attention to the medical effects of this energy. Reich announced the attempt to collect bionic energy into types of guns in order to transmit it among other practical uses for weather control. 

In 1952 FDA food and drugs administration and justice department issued an injunction banning construction of orgone accumulators and eliminating the word Orgone from all his papers. 

In 1953 they confiscated documents.books and research papers which were incinerated I  1956 on August 24 into Gansevort Incinerator New York.

He was sent in prison Danbury Federal Prison for 10 days then  incarcerated for 3 years in Lewisburg Pennsylvania where he died on November 1957 on November 3  in  the unclear circumstances.

From Psychic Sexuality by Ingo Swann